Began from a girls love of self-change, strength, positivity
and the energy that surrounds the fitness community.
It is our mission at The Lift Fitness Studio to Lift people up through fitness by inspiring and motivating each other to become the best version of ourselves.
We provide various classes to fit any fitness level or age.  Classes are led by passionate instructors that can guide you individually or as a group in a space you can succeed in.
Open studio times are provided daily for a non-class oriented environment to allow full access to the newest cross training equipment available.  We provide access to personal training sessions and web access to our nutritionist Melody.





Dustin Richardson

My background and love for fitness began with running cross country.  A love that lead me on many miles of adventures.  The energy that surrounds a team, the feeling of being part of a team, to share the joy of training and watching what dedication and determination leads to, drives me to surround myself with it.  I have been team captain multiple times, have co-instructed many fitness routines and trained others in speed and agility.  I ran for Bryan College track and cross country team, where I spent my first year in college.  I also do comedy and run pod cast on spotify.  My overall goal is to share my love of fitness, in hopes that it gives someone else as many adventures, as it has me.  

Alex Byrd

A native of Bainbridge and currently resides  with her husband Trey and two sons, Sullivan and Lofton.  A graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelors degree in exercise science.  A background that Enhances my passion for exercise and physical activity.  I have been an avid gym goer and runner for many years. Certified in Barre Above.

meet me at ---

"The Barre"

Dawn Richardson

Owner of The Lift Fitness Studio

I wanted to have a home for my fitness family, a place we could meet in packs to Lift each other up in strength, confidence, laughter and of course sweat !

The goal is all in the name.

My passion is to share positivity and fitness and to be apart of something bigger than myself.  

I received my associates degree in physical therapy in 2011 and have witnessed how building strength, confidence and motivation can literally give someone their life back.

I have instructed fitness classes in various places over the past 6 years. 

I hold certifications in personal training, cardio kickboxing, and group fitness.

I am also CPR certified.

One of my greatest joys is that people allow me to be a part of their journey!

My favorite quote:

"Do one thing everyday that scares you"

Melissa Richardson

Co-Owner of The Lift Fitness Studio

Registered Nurse since 2005 specializing in geriatric care.  My love for caring for others and exercise combined ignited my passion to become a fitness instructor.  Co-assisting with fitness classes over the past 6 years has developed my desire to improve the quality of people's lives through exercise, positivity and motivation.

CPR certified

Valerie Faircloth

"Boss up and be the best version of yourself"

My love for health and fitness and desire to help others has landed me at The Lift.  I am Certified in group fitness and I am currently pursing my personal training certification.  I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 16 years with extensive continuing education which includes Sports Massage, Medical Massage and Thai Yoga.  I am a advocate of practicing what you believe in, taking second chances, never giving up and words of affirmation.  I have a adventurous spirit and I love trying new things, so be sure to share with me your favorite places to travel and where to find the best cheeseburger !

McKenzie Conder

Welcome all Yogi's

I'm McKenzie !

I am a Bainbridge native who's passion is to share my love of Yoga and help heal mind and body.  I am currently enrolled in my 200 hour teacher trainer course at MHYoga in Dothan, Al.  Take it from someone who went from a sedentary lifestyle to a very active lifestyle, yoga is for everyone !

My favorite quote:

"Yoga isn't about executing the poses perfectly or having the best balance.  Yoga is connecting with yourself.  Yoga is taking a moment from your stressful, upbeat life and remembering you have a soul that needs tending to.

Yoga is learning to breathe better again."

See You In Svavasana !

Melody Alayon

 A holistic health and nutrition coach that helps clients learn portion control, balance their macros and minimize processed foods and sugars in order to feel energetic, vibrant and confident in their food choices. She couples her nutrition certification with her undergraduate degree in Philosophy & Religion to help her clients not only learn about whole food nutrition but create better nutrition habits that stick through personal development and introspection. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her toddler, experimenting with new recipes and attending live music events.

Cara Mitchell

My love of fitness and sharing it with others is one of my greatest pleasures. I have instructed classes for the past several years and have thoroughly enjoyed having a impact in the fitness community.  I am currently certified in Piyo and I am currently working on my group fitness certification.  

CPR certified. 

Mandy Johnson

 I have been a part of group fitness classes for many years and love the energy, motivation, and accountability that comes along with working out with others. I have participated in all types of classes from PiYo, Zumba, spin, running, and the very famous Butts and Guts. I got into group fitness classes after having children as a way to stay healthy and fit so that I can keep up with my two boys. I truly believe in being part of an accountability team that helps others- from beginner to advanced- reach their fitness goals. I’m excited to be working out with you guys and filling in as a substitute for the instructors.  

Thank You for sharing


with US.. 

The Lift Fitness Studio

Melissa Miller

My fitness journey started in 2019. 

I have participated in spin, yoga, zumba, butts & guts along with cardio and weight training.

I have taught youth soccer and I served as a military policer officer in the US Army.  My goal is to help strengthen you physically and mentally, pushing you to be the best version of yourself.

JT Miller

Son of Deniese C. Miller and Orestus Miller Sr.  2009 graduate of BHS and former linebacker and defensive end of the Bearcats.  With my father being a former golden glove champion, I have been exposed and taught boxing since I was 8 years old.  I received my personal training certification in 2015.  I love teaching, motivating, and building confidence in my students.


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